We are a locally owned, locally operated business located next to the Kings Village Plaza in Minersville, PA.  We are a proud partner of our community and strive on providing a wide selection of craft, import and domestic beers at a competitive price with a level of service that exceeds expectations.  We take great pride in being voted best beer distributor in Schuylkill County numerous times and work hard each and every year to make our customers' experience at The Craft Haus a positive one.  We are always rotating our craft inventory bringing in new highly rated beers for you to enjoy. We look forward to being your beer destination of choice and are open to all recommendations to keep improving.  Thank you to all our customers for your continued support.




Our store offers over hundreds of options of craft beers. We definitely have a few of the core craft brews that everyone has come to know.  The other craft beer rotates often.  The Craft Haus is laid our with several aisle of craft beers organized by style.  We find that most customers know the type of beer they are looking for and this method allows for easy comparisons within their preferred style.  Organized by IPA's, Porters, Stouts, Sours, Wheat, Fruit and Ales you won't leave disappointed.  We are  an Untappd member which allows you to research all the beers we offer in the store and see how others have rated before buying.  Download the app on your iphone or android and it will definitely improve your buying experience.





Unfortunately it would be impossible to carry every brew you might be interested.  If it is available, we will find it and order it for you.  Simply send an email to buybeer@minerscrafthaus.com and we will get back to you ASAP.




Offering value doesn't always mean the lowest prices.  We do however look for every opportunity to save our customers money by buying up deals that our wholesalers offer us from time to time and passing the savings on to you!